Who we are

Our services merge together as a training provider, care services provider and supplier of cover staff. We endeavor to deliver quality at high standards, equipping our employees to serve the organizations we supply, fulfilling their expectations and requirements within the sector. This gives the full package. All staff are DBS checked and fully trained.


We can offer you all the care training you need in continuous professional development within the health care sector. We cover a wide geographical distance within the UK, with a team of professional trainers delivering CPD courses to the highest standard. We have a very flexible and innovative approach delivering courses at very high standards. BYS training can deliver courses both online and in-house. Alternatively you can visit one of our London based sites, with no extra charges.

Our course has no minimum number of attendees and a maximum of 15 attendees. All our courses are delivered in line with the CPD standards, by which we are accredited. We can personalize a course to meet your specific needs. All attendees will receive a certificate after completion of each course. Courses are delivered on a half day or full day basis.

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    We provide a variety of home care services within the community supporting people in their homes. Our services are tailored to meet your needs with a range of comprehensive and flexible packages giving our clients more choice with a person centered approach. Therefore there are no limitations to the type of care we provide. We believe in equality and diversity as well as Catering to variety of client groups and are confident we can meet challenges to your satisfaction. All our staff are fully trained so that gives both clients and us as an organization the peace of mind that you are receiving the best care at all times.

    Email address: admin@byst.co.uk

    • We can facilitate the training courses on your premises or at one of centres. We aim to give our customers as much flexibility as possible. We can arrange courses at a time and date that is convenient for you. We not only cover the London region but cover a very wide geographical distance around the UK. For more information please contact us and one of our experience staff will be happy to help.